Traditional hardware from Tradesmith


Tradesmith offer a range of traditional hardware for both our windows and doors. Inspired by 19th century ironmongery, the Tradesmith Monkey Tail hardware is not only aesthetically pleasing, it's also extremely high performing; comprising the functional handle and decorative window stay, not only helps to retain the classic look of period windows, they're also compatible with all Tradesmith window options, meaning homeowners benefit from industry leading energy rated window performance and improved home security too.


Monkey tail handle and dummy stay arm.



We also offer a range of traditional hardware for our doors, these include traditional handles and a traditional letterbox. The exclusive range of furniture has been designed by Tradesmith for our products and is exclusive to our are. The door handles have the appearance of traditional ironmongery that you would have found on 19th century properties. The letterplates have the weight, look and feel of traditional letterplates.


Traditional door handles and letterplates.