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Introducing the TS Collection maintenace guide


The new maintenance guide from Tradesmith (branded as the TS
Collection) is designed to help you and your customers improve the longevity of our products.


The advice given will allow consumers to look after our products, which in turn should eliminate some of the service calls that you may have been called to in the past.


If you would like some maintenance guides, please contact the sales office.




The new and improved TS Collection website


The new TS Collection website is designed to better showcase all of the products from the TS Collection. Aimed at your customers, they can find all the information on Tradesmith’s product range.


The website is also a tool for generating leads for you the customer.


To view the website visit



Spayed products


Tradesmith will no longer be offering sprayed products; this is mainly due to the success of the “Variations” range of coloured foils that are now available. The range of 18 colours, launched last year, carries the same 10-year guarantee as our other products and offers improved lead times compared to sprayed products. Also the Variations range of products is cheaper than sprayed products.


If you would like an information sheet or swatches for the variations range then please contact the sales office.



Introducing the latest member of our team


As part of our customer service campaign, Tradesmith have taken on a new member of staff for the office. We would like to introduce you to the newest member of our team, Nick Pellatt. If you haven’t spoken to Nick yet, I am sure that you soon will, as he learns more in his new role at Tradesmith.


Nick has had previous experience in the window industry, which is helping him settle into his new role.


Nick says, “I am looking forward to the challenge that a new job has to offer and looking forward to learning the various roles within the company. I hope to be an asset to Tradesmith and I am keen to get to know all of the customers.”


We would like to wish Nick all the best in his new role.



Changes in the Rustique door sash


Following customer feed-back, we are changing both the Rustique Open In and Open Out door sashes. Instead of having the sculptured detail to both edges, we will now only offer sculptured to the glass side and square edge to the outside edge (as shown in the drawings).


The reason for this change is the added strength and security we can achieve on the hinge side by not having to use a profile related packer. The changeover will be phased in as existing stocks are depleted.