Mono Plus composite doors from Tradesmith


The Mono PLUS composite doors offers all the traditional looks of timber without any of the drawbacks. While timber may crack, split or warp and of course, need regular sanding and re-painting, PVCu requires very little maintenance and offers all the security, performance and long life expectancy of modern materials.


you get all of this with the Mono PLUS composite door - as well as the world-wide reputation for the best quality products and service that comes as standard with the Bowater Doors name.


The tough GRP surface is highly scratch resistant thanks to its colourfast skin, which will keep its appearance if it should become knocked or scratched. This is mounted ont a composite material sub-frame, supported by laminated timber stiffeners and pressure filled with energy efficient foam. The outer edge of the door is protected with a hard wearing PVCu strip that provides a neat and durable finish.


Mono PLUS styles


Solitaire (0)
Solitaire (1-2)
Solitaire (2)
Solitaire (4)
Solitaire (6)
Solitaire (7)
Radiant (0)
Radiant (2)
Radiant (4)
Princess (1)
Marquise (0)
Marquise (2)
Marquise (2-2)
Marquise (2-3)
Trillion (1)
Crown (1)
Crown (3)
Crown (5)
Crown (7)
Oval (1)