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Roof Glass from Tradesmith


Tradesmith Ltd are now offering as part of our extensive range of products, the new roof glass from Ambience.


The Ambience range has been developed with world leading glass manufacturers to ensure that there is a broad choice of specialist glasses available to cater for all tastes. These provide incredible benefits including year round comfort, self-cleaning properties, reduction in energy bills and beautiful visual options to suit any property style.


The Ambience range includes Ambi-Aqua, Ambi-Blue, Ambi-Neutral, Ambi-bronze and Ambi-Satin Privacy glass roof options. Please click on a link below for more information,






For those who prefer more neutral tones in their conservatory, choosing Ambi–Neutral with the least amount of tint in the range, provides a natural look to the finished room.


The advanced technology of this glass reflects 60% of the sun’s heat away from the conservatory. Ambi–Neutral also optimizes thermal insulation during cold winter months, offering homeowners many benefits including reducing the sun’s glare by 63%.


As with the majority of products in the Ambience range, Ambi-Neutral is a self-cleaning glass